Full disclosure:  I am not a dog person.  I have a very fluffy and very beautiful grey cat named Penelope (you can see a picture in my about section) and she is enough of a handful for me.  That said…I have been OBSESSED with poodles lately!  Especially black standard poodles!  No one I know seems to agree with me, but I think they are super cool.  I usually lie to poodle naysayers and tell them I wouldn’t do any extravagant grooming, but what’s the point of a poodle if it’s not going to look like a poodle?  I have decided that when time machines are invented I will travel to Paris in the 1960’s adopt a black standard poodle, and do nothing but eat cheese and bread and pastries and escargot dripping in garlic butter and drink gallons of good red wine and coffee all while wearing fabulous clothes and lounging by the Seine.  It should happen any day now.  In the meantime I will look at pictures of poodles and play with the dogs of my loved ones to remind me that I really am not cut out to be a dog owner.  Maybe I will be by the time I’m 30?

P.S. – Sometimes when I buy new clothes I imagine how I would look in them whilst walking a poodle.  I probably shouldn’t have told you that.


4 thoughts on “Poodles!

  1. Hmm, I guess Houston could use a frou frou cousin. I’m coming to Paris with you. Although, you will have to start smoking, other wise those poodle walking clothes will look ridiculous!

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