The hubs and me getting frisky in the capitol!

Hello dears!  Did you miss me?  Sorry I’ve been away, but we’ve had a busy couple of weeks!  Jake’s sister and her boyfriend came for a visit, and then we went to Alabama for the Fourth of July!  I LOVE Independence Day.  I love BBQs and cold beer, I love hanging out with friends and family, I love love love fireworks.  I love America!  I hope you all had an amazing time over the weekend.  I’m still waiting on my sister to give me the pictures from the rest of the holiday (ahem, Amanda!), but here’s a breakdown of the weekend (like you care).

We were supposed to leave for ‘Bama at 2:00 0n Thursday, but Jake’s a lawyer so we left at 6:00 (he got stuck at work).  Friday we did our best to help out the economy in the oil soaked Gulf region by hitting up the outlet mall in Foley, but everything was marked down so much we couldn’t seem to spend any money no matter how much we bought.  Then we had a rousing game of marbles with the family and drank too much beer.  Saturday we lounged around, hung out on the boat, and I started cooking for the Fourth of July feast (cooking is my favorite).  Sunday, I cooked, we were out on the boat, we ate, watched fireworks and Independence Day.  Monday we came home.  All in all it was a lovely weekend.

Some highlights:

In the mornings the men built the boathouse:

Jake being "all man."

Poor Boomer was attacked by an alligator!

We think he's gonna make it.

Then Boomer attacked Amanda:

He weighs 95 lbs. She might not live.

Then I didn’t have any pictures of the fun stuff because Amanda hasn’t sent them to me yet, but here’s a pretty 4th of July sunset!

I’ll put up the pictures of the funsies later.  Even the ones where I look like a dork in my patriotic gear 🙂



PS- Although the tone of this post is positive, the oil spill really is a disaster of epic proportions, and my heart aches for the Gulf.  Almost all of my best memories are from my summers in Gulf Shores (I’ve only missed one summer in my 27 years…the year my sister Emily was born…I was 2), and it kills me that it may never be the same.  Please keep the people and the marine life in your prayers.  I want my future children to have the same memories I do, and I want the Gulf to be ok.  I never could bring myself to walk down to the beach to check out the damage first hand, but I think I want to remember the beaches as they were.


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