I never thought I'd say this, but we might have too many books. We have 24 of these boxes!

The hubs and I are moving to a less humble and more abodey abode.  As exciting as that is, I’m starting to get some pangs of nostalgia when I think about leaving our current place.

Some things I will miss:

1.  The swimming pool.  It’s right outside my window, it’s so lovely and welcoming, it has little fountains that make my apartment sound like a spa, and it’s so freakin’ hot here we use it A LOT.

2.  The gym.  It’s right down the hall.  The convenience of the location coupled with the smokin’ hot hotties lounging by the aforementioned pool are great workout motivators.  Oh, and it’s free.

3.  All of our rooms are on one level.  It’s nice.

4.  There are people to hear me scream.  I know a lot of people are skeeved out by apartments, but I feel really safe in ours.  It’s a nice place and if someone tries to murder me a neighbor might overhear and call 911!

5. Tiny places are cheap to heat and cool.  Heck, they’re cheap period.

Some things I will not:

1.  Nap time pool parties.  There’s nothing like settling in for an afternoon nap while your trucker hat wearing neighbors (seriously…some people still wear them!) are blasting techno.

2.  The darkness.  We have windows on one wall.  ONE.  Even at noon you have to turn on the lights in the kitchen.  Our new place has windows on all four walls!  Woo!

3.  Never remembering where I parked/always fearing for my life when people drive 70 mph in the parking garage.

4.  Packages.  I have to walk down the longest hallway ever to pick up my packages and I can only do it during office hours.  It’s not awesome.

5.  Living below bartenders.  Fortunately I am a heavy sleeper, but it still sucks to live below people who get off work at 3 am and sometimes like to throw after parties.

Overall the move is a good thing, but I’m so ready for it to be over.  I want to unpack and decorate and settle into my new home!

Have a lovely weekend!




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