Hello everyone!  I’m so sorry I’ve been depriving you of my glorious blog!  Things got pretty busy at the end of summer, but I’m happy to report that we are all settled in and loving our new house (full disclosure the picture above is not actually of our new home), and I should be back to blogging out the wazoo!  So if you’re wondering why there is a picture of a Scottish castle where our house should be I have a very boring announcement to make!  Those of you who know me well know that I have always favored a very streamlined, very modern design aesthetic.  The cleaner the better.  Somehow, however, in the last six months I have undergone a change of opinion and now want to redo my whole house.  As weird as this sounds my new inspiration is part pirate ship (if you’re one of the aforementioned people who know me well this shouldn’t be a shock), part mid-century awesomeness, and part haunted Scottish castle.  The trick here is I’m trying to do it on as little money as possible.  I’ve been trying to rework things I already own with the exception of my brand new sofa and chair (pictures coming soon…it hasn’t been delivered yet).  Here are a few examples of what I’ve got so far:

The horse head bookends were a gift from my father-in-law.  While they’re perfectly great when used for their original purpose, I find that they’re extra awesome resting near my fireplace.  I think they really add to the castle vibe!

The globe bar was a gift for the hub’s birthday last year.  At the time I bought it because I knew he would think it was cool…even though it didn’t go with our stuff, but now it’s holding court in my dining room.

Ahh, the boobie sculpture.  A life casting project gone horribly wrong and I’m so glad it did!  It looks so creepy/wonderful.  It’s always been on display, much to the chagrin of my Mom (sorry Mom).

And lastly, my Ikea candelabra.  I love it because it’s modern, but could totally live in either a pirate ship or a haunted castle!

Ok, I hope that didn’t bore you too much.  Any suggestions for DIY projects or cool stuff you’ve found would of course be welcome.  My first big project is stripping and painting our desk.  I think it’s going to be an adventure!

Fall should be more conducive to keeping up with the blog.  We have a lot of fun plans coming up.  My BFF is getting married this weekend (WOO!) we’re going to Norman to tailgate and go to an OU game, then a trip to Jamaica all before the season is over!  Also Jake and I are the new social organizers for our church group and HALLOWEEN IS COMING!  Good stuff!  I’ll try not to disappoint on the blogging front 🙂

Enjoy the last few hours of summer!




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