Sean (second from right) and the rest of the “Geobitches” at my old company.

I woke up this morning to some very sad news.  An old friend of mine was killed in a tragic accident early Sunday.  While the news is horrible on it’s own, I can’t help but feel some guilt about the demise of our friendship.  Sean and I met at my first job out of college, and we were fast friends.  In fact, for a time I considered him a close friend, and yet when I left that job I abandoned the friendship.  There was no falling out, we just lost touch.  I’m notoriously awful about keeping up (I blame my childhood…frequent moves don’t lend themselves to lasting friendships), but I’ve been working harder lately to preserve the friendships I have made in recent years.  Despite Sean’s efforts to keep up with me, I carelessly let our friendship lapse, and now it is lost forever.

I have some great memories of Sean.  He kept me busy at a dreadful job, and we had some really fun times together.  He coined the term “Geobitches” to describe our job doing tedious tasks for geologists.  I especially remember that he had a huge crush on my sister and at my wedding he was too shy to ask her to dance:)  At my request Amanda did dance with him, and I think it made his night.  Below are some pictures of my friend.  There is a serious lesson to be learned here.  Though it’s trite it is so important to remember that life is short and fleeting and that the people in our lives are what make life worth living.  I’m sorry I’m a bad friend.  Sean…you were a good one.

Reach out to someone today.




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