I LOVE pancakes.  All pancakes.  I have a 150 year old sour dough starter that makes the most divine pancakes ever.  Traditional plain ol’ buttermilk pancakes?  Yes please!  Pecan pancakes at my parents’ house at Christmas?  Duh!  Still, they aren’t always the healthiest breakfast option, and the Stephens house is all about super healthy real food so we don’t eat them often.

Over the weekend I decided pancakes were absolutely necessary and I was craving something with a little fall flavor because of a delightful little cold front here in Houston.  Thanks to this very special set of circumstances the whole wheat cranberry pancake was born!  I used this recipe but used wheat flour instead of white and wheat germ instead of sugar and then put in a whole lotta cranberries.  They were so good!  Fluffy and yummy and hearty…perfect for a fall morning.  Plus the combo of real maple syrup and fresh cranberries (please don’t tell anyone I just used Wikipedia as a source) gave the breakfast a lovely antioxidant boost.

We ate them in front of our fireplace which we used for the very first time, perfectly rounding out the fall morning 🙂

Then the weekend ended and the weather got hot again.  Oh well!  It was fun while it lasted!

I hope you are enjoying your fall!



P.S. You can see our new sofa in the reflection of the fireplace (you know, just above the flashlight handle in the foreground…oops).  It’s pretty cool.  It would totally go in a Scottish castle.


3 thoughts on “Pancakes!

  1. What an awesome blog! Pecan pancakes are MY favorites. Actually, pecan anything is my favorite thing! I really enjoyed this piece.

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