This box was voted "Best Cat Toy" by Penelope!

Welcome to the Bestie Awards!  All the awesomeness I saw this week that didn’t make it to the blog.  Enjoy!

Best interesting scientific discovery story.

Best really really really cool book.

Best list of beauty supplies.

Best list of things that need to make a comeback.  I’ve been working on #1 & #10 for years!  As evidenced by this picture from my wedding 2 and a half years ago:

Best fashion advice.  Seriously.  You can’t beat eccentricity.

And this week’s winner is…

Best party ever!  I totally would’ve been the girl with the bowler hat and apple a la Magritte!  Love!

I hope you have the BEST weekend!  Tonight the hubs and I are going to Anvil to celebrate our friend Mikey’s birthday!  Tomorrow we’re going to a Juvenile Diabetes Fundraiser 🙂  Then we just have one more week until Thanksgiving (more about that later)!  Woo!




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