So I’ve never been a “princess” type, but I love real life royals.  I sort of feel sorry for them, but they’re so much fun to follow…even though they’re not nearly as exciting as they were back in the days of creating new churches so they could get divorced or ending up without a head because of they outraged the masses (or were married to the guy that made the new church), it’s still crazy to me that you can be born into a ruling family (or in Britain’s case a family of mascots).  I also find it fascinating that a commoner such as Kate would be interested in marrying into the madness, but she knows what she’s gotten herself into (I think).  I want to dislike Will and Kate because they seem pretty normal, and royals are supposed to be crazy, but I like them anyway.  14 year old Melanie is of course mourning the loss of who she then thought would be her future husband, but since 24 year old Melanie married someone else I guess it’s water under the bridge.  You hear that William?  I forgive you!  Hehe.  Anyway,  I think the media coverage of the impending royal nuptials is going to be fantastic which means this will give me something to do when my job is super boring (as it often is) so I think that’s why I’m really excited.

Ugh…I can’t believe I just blogged about this.  I’m such a loser.




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