Emily folding the napkins into corn cobs. Thanksgiving 2008. Note all the butter 🙂

Thanksgiving is one week from today!  Are you excited?  The hubs and I are skipping the holiday this year and heading to sunny Jamaica for a much needed vacation.  I’m a little sad about missing the fun of family time and cooking a big meal (the cooking is more fun than the eating for me), but because we work so much a holiday week was the only time we could get away for a whole week.

As much as I’ve tried I can’t completely ignore Turkey Day, so I have to share at least one thing from the web that those of you who aren’t breaking your mothers’ hearts can enjoy next week 🙂

Behold the Thanksgiving paper chain:

I saw them here, and you can download them here.  If I were hosting Thanksgiving I would totally incorporate them into my day.

Only four more work days (unless you’re lucky like me)!  You can do it!




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