(Geek) Gifts!

So I’m not going to promise all out gift guides, because I probably won’t follow through, but who knows…I might manage to put a few together after this.  I know I seem really hip and like I was probably the coolest girl in school, but shockingly I’m actually quite nerdy.  (No…really!)  So anyway, I was on Entertainment Weekly‘s website and I saw this gift guide for fans of “The Big Bang Theory.” If you don’t already know it’s one of my favorite shows EVER and thus I was inspired to search for more wonderful geekiness to make your geekiest loved one’s Christmas special!

For Star Wars fans:

Cookie Cutters, Pancake Molds, Sandwich Cutters

Light Saber Chopsticks

For Star Trek fans:

Star Trek Onesies (!)

U.S.S. Enterprise Bottle Opener

For computer nerds:

USB Coffee Warmer

USB Christmas Tree

So there you have it!  A few ideas to get you started.  I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season so far!




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