Old Main at North Central College

I’ve been seriously missing college today.  At the moment I am so thoroughly overwhelmed that I should definitely not be blogging…but I want to.  In the interest of efficiency so I can go back to chipping away at my to do list, I’m going to do this in top 10 format.


1. Walking!  In college I walked everywhere.  For a while I didn’t even own a car.  I walked to class.  I walked around downtown.  I walked and walked and walked.  It was great thinking time and I miss it.  Also, I hate driving.

2. Having nothing but future!  I majored in Creative Writing and Studio Art and I thought that I would graduate, get some cool creative job, and live happily ever after as a poor but fulfilled artist.  Boy was I wrong!

3. Free time/Naps!  Remember when  you could skip just one class and take a nap?  If only I could disappear from work for two hours in the afternoon.  Sigh.  I remember watching the entire series of Sex and the City on DVD, going to the mall when it was virtually empty, and snuggling with my boyfriend (now my hubs) in the middle of the day.  That was the best.

4.  My job!  I babysat.  Best.  Job.  Ever.  It was flexible, it was really fun, and I got to sample different family lives to model my own after.  I got to hang out with babies, and play chase, and share smoothies and go to story time…and then give them back to their parents.  Score.

5.  Being poor…or rather not caring that you’re poor!  You’re supposed to be poor in college!  It’s fake poor though, because you don’t have a ton of spending money, but your parents are paying for things like your car and your insurance.  At least if you’re spoiled like me.  You have almost no fiscal responsibility, and a safety net.  Now it’s all about how much money I can make to prove that I’m not a loser and I have to make sure I’m not homeless.  Bummer.

6.  Wearing hoodies every day!  Yeah it got old, but really it was great.  In the warmer months I wore jeans and a t-shirt.  In the winter I wore jeans, an undershirt, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a coat, a hat, etc…but it was a uniform and it didn’t have to be clean and it didn’t have to be ironed and it was comfy.

7. Class!  Artwork, pulling all nighters writing papers, having intelligent conversations?  Yes please!  Oh how I miss being intellectually stimulated!  I used to have an actual vocabulary…it’s gone now.

8.  Snow!  This isn’t for everyone, but I went to North Central College in Naperville, IL and now I live in Houston, TX.  I love the heat, but I’ll admit that I miss walking around a campus covered in a blanket of snow.  It was magical.  I also remember staying up super late playing in a huge snowfall because we were sure class would be cancelled…it never was.

9.  Being hot!  Without trying.  ‘Nuff said.

10.  No hangovers!  I was young and lucky.  Not anymore.

11. Thinking I had a lot of responsibilities…but being wrong!  Oh how wrong I was!

12. Breaks!  Not only were breaks the best, but my college was on a trimester schedule so the breaks were looooooooong and then every 10 weeks I had a whole new schedule.  No ruts!

13.  Social life!  I met my husband in college.  My friends and I all lived in the same building.  It was so easy and relaxed and fun.

Um, that might be more than 10.  Oh well.  Of course there are good things about being an adult, like autonomy, not being super poor, being allowed to sleep in the same bed as your hubs when you’re at your parents’ house, but boy do I miss college sometimes.  I’m going home for Christmas, and I think a long walk around campus is in order 🙂


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