Oops!  This post was meant for Friday, but I had a busy weekend!  Sorry 🙂

Best example of how frazzled I've been. Also, best Christmas gift from the hubs (2009 edition).

Ok, here are the besties from last week!

Best fluffy news story.

Best sparkly homemade Christmas ornaments.

Best weird thing I want to go to.

Best tattoo even though I don’t like tattoos.

Best story about a nerdy little girl.  Buck up little girl…nerds really do win! Sometimes super cool bloggers make gift guides just for you 🙂

This week’s winner?  BEST restaurant idea and execution ever.

I had the BEST weekend, but boy am I tired!  I went to bed at 8:30 last night, and I just might do it again tonight.  Last Friday we had the hub’s law firm holiday party, then on Saturday I got to see my lovely friend Holly who moved to DC but fortunately visits us as often as she can, and Saturday night I went here and here for my friend Ana’s birthday.  On Sunday we slept through church (whoops!) and hosted our church group’s White Elephant party.  All in all it was a successful weekend!  Now if only this week would die so we could get to the next weekend and CHRISTMAS (!) I’d be thrilled.

Hope you’re having the BEST week!




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