Our Christmas card!

Hello everyone!!!  Did you have a fabulous Christmas?  I did!  I went home to Naperville, IL and did all kinds of fun things like visit with old friends (hi Craig, Kim, Claire, and Evie!!!!) and walk around my old college campus in the snow.  I went out to dinner and a bar with my parents and sisters and found out my Dad is really good at darts and 22 year old guys think Mom is hot.  I didn’t fight with my sisters because we’re grown ups now, which actually makes me a little sad.  I spoiled my parents’ dog because he’s the only dog I like.  I watched movies, and sat around in my jammies, made my grandmother’s eggnog and ate a big dinner.  I opened presents and went to my in-laws where we did it all again!  I’m so bummed that I’m back to the grind…even if it is just for three days.

Here’s the proof that my holiday was happy!

I hope your Christmas was the BEST and that you don’t have to work too hard this week!




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