I didn’t plan a post for today, so this is what you get.  Sorry.

-I’m hungry and the hubs is still at work.  It wouldn’t be a huge deal, but I made white chicken chili and it smells gooooooooooooooood.

-I love the internet.  I love Facebook, and finding out that someone who’s inspirational to me beat cancer (hopefully FOREVER), and I love that I just found an obscure British TV show on Netflix…and I can watch it instantly.  Oh, and I get to blog.  And read blogs.

-The hub’s birthday party is this weekend and my house is a disaster, I haven’t figured out the menu, and I haven’t thought about decorations.  Uh oh.

-I don’t want to go to the gym tonight, but I’m going to anyway.  Now I really have to because I told you about it.

-It’s so weird how the tiny little decisions you make every day define your life.  Sometimes more than the big ones.

-I wish I could work part time.  I love love love working, but sometimes I get bored doing the same things all the time.

-I think I would be lonely if I worked part time.  The hubs works a lot and so do my friends, and I don’t have a baby but they’re pretty boring until they learn how to talk so that wouldn’t help.

-You shouldn’t wear tights when you need a manicure.  Snags galore.  Also, when I wear tights and a dress to work I spend the whole day freaking out that my skirt is going to get tucked into the tights and my whole office is going to see my butt.

-I think I would have to quit my job if that happened.  I’m wearing pants tomorrow.

-Why is TV so bad on Tuesdays?  Good thing I found that show on Netflix.

-THE HUBS IS HOME!  Have a good night!




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