The Mechanic!

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE movies.  A lot.  So I figured it’s about time I start reviewing them for your movie-researching pleasure.  So here goes!  My first movie review ever (eeps!).

The Good: First of all, have you seen Jason Statham?  Of course you have, but honestly I would see just about any movie he’s in just so I can stare at him and listen to him for two hours.  Plus, he takes his shirt off in this one!  I always wonder how they keep his scruff at the perfect level of “I’m too cool to care about my 5 o’clock shadow” manliness, but I assume there’s a hair wrangler on standby for this purpose alone.  I have to say though, as much as I love Statham, I’m afraid Ben Foster totally out acted him.  In fact, I’d say he out acted the movie.  His performance was actually good, and multidimensional, which is not exactly what I was expecting.  He kind of carried the movie.  Well, he and the blood carried it.  Seriously, the best part of this movie was the gore.  It was fantastic.  I probably should have warned you, but I love a good gorefest.  If you’re not into blood and guts I would maybe skip this one.  It’s not so much that the gore is expecially, er, gory, but the violence is top notch!  One of Ben Foster’s best scenes involves a doozy of a fight.  If you like a good action movie, you will enjoy this one.  If you don’t like action movies, but you’re into architecture you can zone out and ogle the characters’ abodes.  I was seriously drooling over the houses in this movie.

The Bad: I probably don’t even need to tell you the bad.  It’s an action movie.  There’s not a lot of originality.  The movie gets a little clunky, and I even zoned out when they got to Houston…and I live in Houston.  I think they might have actually mentioned my office building, but again, I wasn’t paying attention.  Jason is the same as he is in every one of his movies, but if you’re a fan of his you would expect this.

The Hilarious: So, there are a few comic relief moments, duh, but there was one aspect of this movie that I found to be completely ridiculous.  Early in the movie, Jason Statham’s character has a rendezvous with a call girl.  I suppose it was in the interest of reality that they cast a model (Mini Anden), because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Eliot Spitzer and Tiger Woods it’s that call girls always look like supermodels.  Anyway, supermodels are tall.  Action movie stars are not.  According to their IMDB profiles both Jason and Mini are 5’9″ and as we all know men cannot be manly if a woman is as tall as he is, so they went to great pains to disguise their similar size.  In every scene they are together he’s sitting while she’s standing, he’s lying down and she’s “doing her job,” she’s standing at the top of the stairs, and he’s halfway down.  It was really annoying me for some reason.  Probably because he looks short, and she looks tall.  It was a terrible ruse.

So my opinion?  I liked the movie much more than I thought I would.  It was entertaining, and that’s good enough for me!  My only real complaint is I would rather be prepping for the Oscars by watching nominated movies, so if you’re a movie lover I’d rent The Mechanic when it comes out and go see something “important” instead.


I hope you had the BEST weekend, and found my review helpful!  Please excuse my lack of paragraphs, I’m in a bit of a rush to get the gym over-with tonight.  Ugh.  Have a good night!




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