If you live in Houston, you know it’s been unusually cold here.  If you don’t you probably have real weather problems to contend with.  Houston has been in quite a tizzy over the “icy” and “snowy” conditions of late.  I guess it did technically snow, it just melted before it hit the ground, and as for the ice, there was at least enough for the media to ruin my morning off by not showing the Today Show.  Oh and they interrupted the end of Big Bang Theory last night to tell us it wasn’t snowing yet.  Boo.  Anyway, for future reference this is what snow looks like:

Pretty!  I should probably give Houston a break because safety is important, and I got some time off work, I just find it irritating that it’s cold and not snowing.  I moved here to get away from the cold, but I always loved the snow (how awesome would warm snow be?!?!) and it’s kind of a bummer to have the cold without the prettiness.

The good news is that I’ve had some time to think about what I want to do with my house.  Since we’ve moved in there hasn’t been much progress on decorating.  Part of me doesn’t want to go all out because we won’t live here forever, but at the same time our house is so pretty and I want to show it off.  Plus, who doesn’t want their living space to be welcoming and comfortable?  So after work today I rearranged my living room.  Not bad, but it still needs a lot of work.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you soon, and even some DIY instructions. You know you’re excited!

Anyway, what are you doing this weekend?  We’re going to see Blue Valentine tonight, and we’re going to the museum tomorrow to finally see the pirate exhibit (it’s the last weekend…we procrastinated, but I’m excited!) and Sunday we have church and we’re watching the Super Bowl even though we’re Bears fans and as a woman I can’t root for Ben Roethlisberger so I’ll just be watching commercials.  Not that I usually watch the Super Bowl for the football 🙂

I hope you have the BEST weekend!




One thought on “Brrrr!

  1. Come back to the snow! It’s calling you! Really it’s just your parents calling you but I thought I would give it a try! We’re coming down in a couple of weeks and it better be warm….

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