Guess what!  I HAVE FIGURED OUT WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!  Yippee!  Guess what else!  I’m not going to tell you what it is!  I know the whole purpose of this blog was to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but it turns out I stumbled across it quite by accident.  I was reading an article about…something…and BAM!  It hit me.  Now that I know what it is, I can’t believe I never knew about it before, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.  So why am I not telling you what it is?  I want to protect it.  I can’t just go and do it. I have to get a graduate degree, I need pre-requisites, GRE scores, and I have to uproot my life and my wonderfully supportive husband’s because there isn’t a program in the city where I live.  Lastly there are only two programs in the entire U.S of A. which means I could not even be accepted and then I will be sad and directionless once again.  The whole thing feels so fragile and I don’t want to break it.  I’m just hoping it really is meant to be and that everything will fall into place.

Now for another announcement.  Yes, two in one day!  I’m revamping the blog.  I suppose this is still a place for “figuring out what I like” because obviously there’s more to life than your job.  I still need to decide how I want every aspect of my life to be.  How do I want to decorate my house?  Where do I want to live?  Where do I want to go?  Am I ever going to want to have babies?  Is there a perfect banana bread recipe?  There are still so many things to think about!  All I know for sure is I don’t want to think about them on a bland blog, so I’m taking a few days off to re-design and revamp and I’ll be back and better than ever before!  Are you psyched?!?!  I am!

I hope you’re having the BEST day ever!




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