Ta da!!!

Welcome to the new, fancy Mel Town!  I didn’t change much, but I did a bit of sprucing.  If you look to your right you will see some nifty little add-ons.  You can now search the blog, click by category, and subscribe to Mel Town.  Are you super excited?

Now for the best part…look up!  Not too far, just to the top of your page.  Ladies and gents we have a banner!  It’s not actually finished.  I assure you that Mel Town does actually have trees, but I’ve missed blogging and I thought this new banner would do for now.  If you’re wondering about the buildings here’s a quick rundown: of course Mel Town would have a poodle grooming shop (since poodles are the official mascot of Mel Town…don’t tell Penelope), and a place for wine and cheese (the official meal of Mel Town),  and a place to buy bread (to go with your cheese) and pie for dessert and cinnamon rolls for breakfast (you can also get piping hot coffee here).  Mel Town would not be complete without a movie theater, because how else would I be able to write the Monday Movie Review (back this Monday)?  Alice in Wonderland has long been my favorite story, since I called it “Wonder the Wonderland” when I was a little girl, so obviously Mel Town would have an Alice themed tea shop.  I also love English pubs, no need to explain that one.  Lastly, we have the castle.  Of course the hubs and I would live in a castle.  I LOVE castles.  Not because I’m a “princess” but rather because when I visited Warwick castle when I was 11 I was certain that the dungeon and giant fire place in the dining room made it the coolest abode on the planet.  Yeah, I was a weird kid.

So there you have it.  I hope you like the changes!  I hope you’re having the BEST weekend.  Are you watching the Oscars tomorrow?  I’m positively giddy about them!  I’ve really missed hanging out in Mel Town and I’m so happy to be back.




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