someecards.com - I'm going to give up TV for Lent except for all the programming I recorded before Lent

Did you give anything up for Lent? The hubs and I gave up TV. A word of advice? If you give up television, prepare to suffer (I know, I know, that’s the point). When I had my super awesome epiphany about how great it would be to go TV-free for 40 days and nights I was vegging in front of a How I Met Your Mother marathon, while I should have been cleaning my house/going to the gym/reading a book, etc. I was feeling lazy and guilty (though not lazy or guilty enough to actually get up and do something) and I thought it sounded so lovely to have free evenings free to tackle projects, or even sit and read a book, and at first it was lovely.  We were busy, there were clients to entertain at the rodeo, then date night, then I had to go out of town for the weekend, and when I got home on Sunday I was content to sit and devour the rest of my throughly enjoyable book and listen to some music.

So when did the suffering start?  Well, for one thing Lent lasts for 40 whole days.  That’s a LONG time and I don’t think either of us really thought that through (although Jake did say “at least I don’t have to watch Glee for six weeks!”), and the long stretches of Saturday and the lazy Sunday afternoons are the worst.  I’ve also noticed we’ve been spending a bit more cash in our eagerness to get out of the house.  Projects haven’t been getting done, my house is actually dirty (it’s usually only messy and I tackle it before actual dirt shows up), but then again I’ve got a bit of a cold so I’m cranky and lazy.  Also, did you know that when you don’t watch TV you can find other things to waste time on?  I’ve devoured magazines.  I’ve scoured the internet.  I’ve taken really long showers.  It’s ridiculous.  I used to be a voracious reader (English major, hello!) but I haven’t picked up a book since I finished the last one a week ago…and I was really looking forward to books!

I’m not exactly sorry that I gave up TV.  It’s just taking longer to get into the rhythm of my quiet house than I thought.  I assumed it would be tough at first and then I wouldn’t miss it, but I’m missing it more and more.  I’m just so bored!  Still, I have a whole month left (gulp!), and maybe by Easter I will no longer want to watch television.  Maybe I’ll be a new organized/fit/crafty version of myself.  Maybe I will have read five books by then.  I’ll let you know.

If you gave something up for Lent I hope you’re having the BEST success!




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