Fluffy! Otherwise known as the BEST birthday present ever! Good job, Hubs!

Today is my 28th birthday…apparently.  Is it weird that it doesn’t feel like my birthday at all?  Not in a pity-party kind of way, but like it really just feels like any other day.  For one thing, I’m not freaking out.  I’m not typically a “Woo it’s my birthday month!” kind of gal.  I’m usually more of a “Oh great.  I’m another year closer to death.” kind of gal.  I’m actually kind of a bummer to be around this time of year.  This year, for some reason, has been totally different!  I allowed (and encouraged) a birthday celebration.  I’m not sad at all.  I just am.  I’m 28.  That’s all.

I’m wondering if it’s because as a child/teenager/twenty-six and a half year old, I thought 28 was old.  I thought that was the magical age where you suddenly became an adult.  You have your life figured out at 28!  28 is baby making time (mostly because I thought I would never actually turn 28)!  I suspect that’s why my birthdays were always so depressing.  So much pressure!  I was almost out of time!  Now that I am actually 28, though, it seems pretty darn young.  What a load off!  Plus it helps that I’ve pretty much figured out what to do with my life.

Anyway, enough of my philisophizing.  On the the shindig!  It was fun!  The weather was (and is) amazing.  A true miracle since it rains every year on my birthday.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  YEAR.  On Saturday the sun was shining, the frozen mimosas were flowing (or, uh, chilling I guess), and Lindsey’s strawberry cupcakes were super yummy…until the heat unfortunately melted her pretty frosting work.  So first I want to thank my wonderful friends for showing up, then I want to extra thank those who baked cupcakes and brought me presents, and then I want to show you some pictures!  Behold:

Yum!See, I told you! Yum!Frozen mimosa!

Ok, so my friend got ahold of my camera and most of the pictures are just of me being ridiculous.  Hehe.  Anyway, good times were had.

I hope you had the BEST weekend!



P.S. – I’d like to send a special shout out to my birthday buddies James Franco and Kate Hudson!  Clearly this date is reserved for cool kids.

Um, ok, there were more pictures than that.  I don’t know where they went, but it’s my birthday so I’m not going to worry about that right now 🙂


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