So I thought I was excited about the royal wedding.  I set my DVR to record something like 12 hours of nonsense and was prepared to watch it in it’s entirety this weekend.  Then I saw Kate, er, Catherine’s dress and remembered that I don’t really like weddings.  I like dresses.  Once I knew that the duchess delivered, and her sister more than delivered I no longer cared about the whole hairy deal.  You know why?  Weddings are boring.  Seriously, unless you’re the one actually getting hitched the ceremony is a total snoozefest and receptions are rarely fun even if you’re a guest, but watching one on TV is not my cup of English Breakfast Tea.  So, instead I’ll look at a few pics and call it a day.

Catherine really did look amazing.  I do think she played it a little too safe and went a little too close to Grace Kelly, but in the end she did look perfect.  As for Pippa I really hate her because Pippa has been my favorite name for a while and she’s totally ruining things for me and my hypothetical daughter.  Still, despite her name-ruining I have to admit she looked stunning.  She almost stole some thunder.  Almost.  I really love the picture above because the girls both look so beautiful and happy and sisterly, and I really like my sisters and it makes me happy.  Oh, and because it shows both of their dresses together and how well they worked together even though one was totally classic and one was thoroughly modern.

Anyway, I hope you have the BEST weekend.  Speaking of sisters one of mine is coming to stay with me for two weeks!  She gets here Sunday 🙂  Next week I’ll tell you all about my vacation!  I know you can’t wait!




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