San Fran (Day 1)!

Hello!  I hope you want to hear all about my trip to California…because you’re going to!

So, we got in Wednesday night after work and after an awful flight where I was sandwiched between the hubs and a big man who didn’t understand that armrest=border.  Also, I hadn’t flown Continental in years, and all I can say is I hope the merger with United leads to more comfortable seats.  Yikes!  Anyway, we got in late, some drunk buttface pulled the fire alarm at 2 am, and sprayed the fire extinguisher in the hallway.  I didn’t sleep.   Anyway, I was happy to be on vacation, and it didn’t really start until Thursday.

On said Thursday we went to Alcatraz, and it was awesome.  Like, really awesome.  Of course I wanted to go, but I ended up liking it even more than I thought I would.  You have to make reservations pretty far in advance to actually go inside, so if you’re going to SF anytime soon, make some plans.  Otherwise you’ll just take a ferry around it and that’s not cool.

Then we went to Fisherman’s Grotto for lunch, and it was pretty good, not the best food I had while I was there, but definitely edible, and the decor was pretty awesome.

After Fisherman’s Grotto I dragged my family to Bi Rite Creamery for ice cream, as suggested here.  Even though the highly touted salted caramel was amazing, the toasted coconut ice cream literally changed my life.  It was SO good!

After Bi Rite, we went back to the Sir Frances Drake, had a drink, and then headed to Gary Danko for dinner.  Again, you have to make reservations way before you go, and it is totally worth it.  I had the ahi tuna appetizer and it was delicious…and shaped like a butterfly.  The food was amazing, the service was perfect, and I made the worst mistake of my life by choosing the dessert over the cheese plate.  Not that my chocolate souffle wasn’t scrumptious, it’s just that I really love cheese.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures here, but go to Gary Danko if you go to SF!

I’ll tell you more tomorrow!  I hope you’re having the BEST week!  Honestly, so far mine has been the WORST, but hey, it’s only Monday.  Hopefully it will get better.




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