X Men: First Class

Hello Darlings!  Sorry for the late movie review, but things are BUSY!  Anyway, here goes!

What you need to know about this movie:  Michael Fassbender is amazing all around (see above).  Rose Byrne is my future girlfriend.  Jennifer Lawrence really is quite talented.  James McAvoy is James McAvoy, good actor but somehow kind of boring.  January Jones has big boobs and blonde hair.  Kevin Bacon is not a native German speaker (I haven’t taken German in ten years, but yikes).  They bring back the original X-Men uniforms and they look really good.  The 60’s were pretty.

Ok, that’s pretty much it.  I really liked the movie.  The eye candy, the action, the special effects (I usually have major beef with CGI).  Even the story was good.  My knowledge of the X-Men comics comes exclusively from a guy in the third grade who was obsessed with Wolverine, so I really enjoyed getting the back story and I think this was the best X-Men movie yet.  I’m also going to be rooting for Magneto from now on.  I’m not a huge fan of comic book movies; I think they can be entertaining, but I don’t love them.  This one was really good.  Like first Iron Man good.  Go see it!


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