Here is the cupcake recipe I promised a few posts back.  I highly recommend them.  Not to toot my own horn (even thought it’s my favorite horn to toot) but these were some of the best cupcakes ever made by anyone ever.
I’m just going to post the links because I’m feeling lazy.
My only comments are the that the cake made just short of two dozen cupcakes, but it probably could have made the full 24 if I hadn’t overfilled.  They rise a lot, and then the top cracks open and uncooked batter flows everywhere.  Portion appropriately.  To avoid dry cake really take your time and mix the yolks one at a time, use good cake flour, and take the cake out of the oven as soon as it’s set (maybe even just before).  As for the frosting, I halved the recipe and had more than enough to generously frost the cupcakes and then binge on the leftovers and still throw some out.  Also, I didn’t measure the milk but just added it as needed until I reached the consistency I was looking for.
Happy baking!  I hope you agree that these are the BEST cupcakes!

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