Breast Milk v. Pink Eye: The Verdict

bm v pe

I have never had much luck with home remedies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hot toddy, but that’s mostly because it’s warm booze and honey (recipe below), not because it’s actually healing.  I did some research, and there is some legitimate science behind breast milk’s healing properties.  With zero time to go to the doctor, but a fountain of fresh milk at my disposal, it seemed worth a try.  Guess what.  It worked.  It actually worked.

The crunchy blogs I read all claimed that putting fresh milk in your eye three times in one day should be enough to clear things up.  I was certain the remedy had failed me when I went to bed with an itchy red eye the first night.  In the morning, however, my eye was very much improved.  I went ahead with two more doses, and by the afternoon of the second day my eye was all clear.  Today, day three, I’m back to wearing my regular make up (all germ-free replacements, of course).

I was going to throw some science at you regarding immunoglobulin A, but there wasn’t really anything scientific about my approach, so just take it as is.  It worked for me.

Anyway, here’s my hot toddy recipe.  It’s the same as everyone else’s, but I’ll include it in case you’ve never made one.

1 cup boiling water (or hot tea)

Juice of 1 lemon

1 generous tablespoon of honey

1 shot (or 2, no judgement here) of whiskey

Mix it all together and drink it.  It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.  It’s awesome when you have a cold.


2 thoughts on “Breast Milk v. Pink Eye: The Verdict

  1. Awesome! I had no doubt it would work but I’m the crunchy, home remedy type! Glad your eye is better!

    As a side note, we make our hot toddies with the addition of about 10 cloves jammed into a large lemon wheel so they aren’t all floating around and trying to go into your mouth. It’s a nice way to spice it up a little! Gotta love a hot toddy any day of the week!

    1. Ohh, Fanny, that sounds good! Definitely going to pick up some cloves next time I go to the store! I always feel like my hot toddies could use a little spicing up!

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