Fancy Breastfeeding: How to Dress Up When Your Babe Wants to Chow Down

One of my sisters is getting married in March, and my other sister and I were texting this morning about what to wear to various wedding-related events so we look appropriate amazing, while still having boob access.  I pulled together a few outfit ideas I’ve picked up during my two years of breastfeeding so you too can look good and nurse comfortably (except for the shoes…most of those actually look pretty uncomfortable).

dress up breastfeed

Outfit 1: Shirt/Skirt/Shoes/Earrings

Outfit 2: Shirt/Skirt/Shoes/Earrings

Outfit 3: Dress/Shoes/Earrings

Outfit 4: Dress/Shoes/Earrings

Outfit 5: Dress/Shoes/Earrings


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