You guys. I’m bored.

i'm so bored

I love Instagram.  Pinterest is ok.  I spend a lot of time perusing the web and social media in general, and one of my most favorite things is interior design, so you would think I would live for feasting on the eye candy that is the internet.  I’m not into it lately, though.  I’m just so bored.  I feel like I’m looking at the same picture over and over and over.  It’s not just interior design — I’m also giving pretty serious side-eye to the “from where I stand” skinny jeans/long sweater/Starbucks/bangle shot, and the “but first coffee” fancy latte/sunglasses/fancy planner/magazine shot, and peonies…I love a good peony, but come on…there are other flowers (Related: are tulips the new peony?  Do you care?)!  I’m fine with the style and coffee pics though because, while boring, they’re pretty and they’re not intended for the long-term, and Lord knows after two back to back babies I could really use some wardrobe inspiration.  Pretty pictures are a nice break from the news.  It’s just that I’m currently working my way through decorating my house, and I don’t want it to look like everyone else’s house, and if I’m going to put that level of time and money into a project, I don’t want it to read as dated immediately.  So, I’m currently working on breaking free of boring interior design trends.  You won’t see marble in my kitchen (especially since marble is way too porous for kitchens, in my opinion), and you definitely won’t see all white anything.  I guess I’ll go ahead and admit I’m still loving gold.  Let’s not ruin it though, ok?

Some inspiration for your weekend:

How about some color?
Why not paint your kitchen pink?  The rug is a bit much, though.
My personal favorite wall color!
Hopefully you’ll be seeing something similar to this in my dining room soon!

Have a good one!  See you Monday!


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