Easter Basket Theme: Summer Fun!

summer easter basket

Girls: Swimsuit/Sunnies/Flops/Fedora/Flamingo Towel

Boys: Swimshorts/Sunnies/Flops/Hat/Crab Towel

Toys: Mini Beach Balls/Squirt Guns/Popsicle Molds/Sprinkler

When I give gifts I like to pick a theme; a color, an upcoming event, a favorite food…these things make gift giving so much easier and hopefully more special than a pile of random crap.  I didn’t do it this year, because things have been CRAZY lately with weddings and birthdays and events galore, but from here on out I think I’m going to extend my love of themes to Easter baskets.  I did it with our Christmas stocking this year (everything in my daughter’s stocking was purple, her favorite color) and it was a hit.  So this week I’ll share three last minute Easter basket themes for those of you who procrastinated (like me) but don’t want to run to Target and grab a bunch of junk (also like me).

I live in Texas and Easter is pretty much the beginning of summer around here, so I think it would be super fun to put together a basket celebrating the beginning of pool season!  If you have any candy-free and or super fun basket ideas feel free to send them my way!

And if you really wanted to go all out, you could make a basket out of a towel and pool noodle!  I mean, I don’t want to work that hard, but I love the idea!


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