Go Ahead, Be Matchy Matchy!

As Holiday Card Photo Session Season really picks up steam, blog after blog is espousing advice on what to wear in your shoots, and they all say the same thing: don’t be matchy matchy!  You know what I say?  Get matchy, and kitsch it up!  If you do one family photo shoot a year, then yes, you might want to go with something conservative and frame worthy, but if you’re taking pictures just for your cards, I say have a little fun and live a little!

She’s matching her dog, and she looks fucking fabulous!
I’ll never get over this divorce. Anyway…all red, all fun!
If you wear your underwear on your card, I will hang it in a place of honor because you earned it!
I love everything about this. I’m not even joking.
Not a fan of this family? Me neither! But they know how to Kristmas Kard.
Are you a baby? You’d best match your big sister!

I realized the tone of this post seems sarcastic, but I promise it isn’t!  I’m just tired of everyone telling us how to look good.  Maybe I want to have some fun, ok?  It’s Christmas for crying out loud!

We’re going fancy this year, because I don’t want to wear jeans and a puffer vest and a turtleneck like I’m supposed to.  Here’s our mood board for this year’s pics (my biggest family picture tip is to make a mood board, and if you don’t know how, at least lay everything out together to make sure it works):

christmas card pictures 1

Merry Picture Taking!

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