Shout-Out to my Homegirls!

Yesterday I went on a school tour as we ramp up our search for a suitable elementary school for our special snowflake #1.  This is a school in our neighborhood, so the parents in attendance all live in our area, which is a semi-urban mid-century neighborhood where all the cool kids moved when they started having children of their own.  Think adult hipsters/middle to upper-middle class liberal creative class, and a lot of lawyers.  Anyway, the parents in my neighborhood fancy themselves to be not regular parents, but cool parents (ourselves included…we’re pretty fun at parties).  This sort of thing abounds in my ‘hood.

Joanna Goddard

Anyway, the fun thing about cool moms is they’ve made looking like shit cool!  I mean, they don’t look like shit…they all look really good and hip, but there’s not a lot of makeup, hair is dirty and messy, and no one wears heels (unless they’re taking pictures for Instagram).  It’s amazing and wonderful.  I am so grateful to the cool moms of the internet who have made this possible.  Our grandmothers cooked and cleaned and went to the grocery store in dresses and heels and pearls.  Can you imagine?  Our mothers wore mom jeans and vests and shit, and it was awful (sorry you had to mom in the 90’s, Mama!).

Now though, the original style stars of the blogosphere have grown into 30-something moms and they have been our salvation.  So to you ladies who made joggers and bedhead cool, you are my heroes, and I love you.  I love you for your messy hair, and your oversized, mummy-tummy hiding sweaters.  I love you for your ripped jeans and your sneakers and flats.  I love you for making comfortable cool.  You’re the best.

Sydney Poulton

Shalice Noel

Christine Andrew

The best part: you can be a cool mom too!  It’s easy!  I’ve made you a quick Cool Mom cheat sheet.  A primer, if you will.  Links and substitutions below!

cool mom

Striped T-Shirt/Cut Offs/Ripped Skinnies/Army Jacket/Blanket Scarf/New Balances (you know where to get the phone and the coffee)

Substitutions: Super Casual Dress/Grey T-Shirt/Grandpa Cardigan/Chucks

Up next: Cool Mom beauty edition!  Stay tuned!

Welcome to the club 😉

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