Rocket Pop Mania!

w rocket pop

Let’s switch gears and talk about something fun.  As much as I love talking about gender (and I do, I could talk about it forever), and as important as the heavy parenting topics are, sometimes we need to take a fucking break.  I love summer.  LOVE IT.  Sure, I have a slight issue where I faint when I get too hot and it’s too hot all summer in Houston, but I don’t care.  I could spend all day, every day, for the rest of my life in the pool or at the beach, eating popsicles and hamburgers, drinking beer, and just being with my favorite people.  My kids share this love, especially when it comes to popsicles (and minus the beer, obvi).  My daughter would only eat popsicles for the rest of her days if I let her, and in the summer, I do pretty much let her, because I can because we make them at home and they’re really, really healthy.

As long as something is frozen and moderately sweet, she is happy, but the girl especially loves Rocket Pops.  We only buy them for the Fourth of July, so I thought I would take it upon myself to try a homemade version.  They’re not as sweet, or as patriotic looking as the real deal, but they’re yummy and so healthy.

m rocket pop

What you need:

A popsicle kit (mine only makes four, but I think I need to expand my collection!)

An immersion blender (I have this one and love it)

1 cup cherries

2 limes

Sugar (optional)

1 cup blueberries

Pit your cherries, and puree them.  Add them to the mold, and freeze until solid.  Pour the juice of half a lime into each mold, and freeze again*, puree blueberries, and do the same.  Ta da.  Rocket pops.

If you want a bolder color, you could definitely cook your fruit first, but I tend to err on the side of easy.

*I don’t usually add sugar to my popsicles, so that’s why I kept the lime layer really thin.  It was crazy sour, but delicious.  It really depends on your sour tolerance.

Speaking of rocket pops, here are some cute things that have rocket pops on them, because they’re so adorable and I’m obsessed!

rocket pop

Men’s Underwear/Headband/Sunsuit/T-Shirt/Shorts

Shirt/Dress/Temporary Tattoo

Happy Summer!


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